Weekend freelance

I just wanted to do a little post about my other freelancing work. Most makeup artist’s weekends are filled up with occasion makeup including bridal, proms and party’s! Recently my weekends have been busy glamming up ladies of all ages for their events. I love doing my freelance work because it means you get to work with different faces, skin types and different styles of makeup to suit your client. When you are first starting out – word of mouth is something thats going to help you massively to get work – especially when
Your starting in a small local community or town. Over the past 6 months I’ve gone from doing maybe a couple of makeup jobs a month to most of my weekends being booked up and even some week days. Although my Facebook page has given me some advertising, I’ve found that I have more referrals from customers – that’s why it’s vitally important to always be prepared, always be on time and professional and always put 100% in to whatever make up you are doing – whether it’s a test shoot that you aren’t getting paid for or a wedding you could
Make a good commission on – I don’t let my client see their final makeup look until I am completely happy with it – I even take pictures before I show them because sometimes you can see mistakes better on camera and you can really sit back and take a look at the over all look. I also don’t pack up or leave until I’ve let my client have a proper look and understand they are completely happy with it. To break it down I would say the factors you need to take in to consideration are
– preparation
– attention to detail
– patience
– understanding of the clients preferences and what’s going to suit them best
– confidence in your ability

Although I still have a lot to learn and I’m know where near where I want to be – doing this sort of work has really enhanced my confidence and helped me Learn how to build appropriate rapport with my clients. Here’s some further examples of the sort of work I mean (proms,party’s, events)








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