Today at uni we did a class on copyright! although its not the most exciting subject its important to remember how vital copyrighting your own work is! Copyright is a legal concept that keeps others from using your own work or images and claiming them as their own, using copyright on my blog keeps my […]

Theatrical frogs!

Today we got a more specific brief for the 70’s disco frog make up we will be creating for one of the theatre groups in college! I’m looking forward to getting started on this project as its not something I think I’d do normally! Il upload some pics of my face charts and ideas once […]

Koi couture!

Yesterday we did a shoot for Koi couture! It was my first solo work experience! It was outside and the model was freeeezing! Not that you can tell from the finished images! It was a great day and i loved every minute. We went for more of a fashion look! Here’s some of the images, […]


In our special effects lessons we started off by learning how to do bruises with a bruise wheel! I really enjoyed this lesson but getting the bruise to look real was harder than our tutor make it look! Here’s a couple of images of a new and old bruise, I think they turned out ok […]